Why Do Dogs Like Their Butt Scratches

icon July 21, 2023

Most of the dogs like to play with their own masters, and the masters play with a lot of items, such as throwing a ball ah, spinning ah and so on, but also some dogs just like the master to touch it, a touch on all kinds of high. And the following dog is more powerful, its favorite is others scratch its butt.

As long as someone walks in front of it, it will pout its butt there waiting for others to scratch, and it is this quirk, the owner's friends also know, so the owner and friends party, there will always be everyone take turns to scratch the dog's butt.

When people want to remove their hands, the dog will be quite unhappy, and will chase after the person in front of others, pouting its little butt, insisting that others scratch.

What else can people do when faced with such cute and weird behavior? Keep scratching.

Every time you see a dog circling around in front of you begging to be scratched on its butt, the owner is very helpless. Although you enjoy the feeling of being needed by your dog, but being disliked by your dog on its butt every day, well, it's not a very good thing, is it?

Besides, the dog not only dislikes the owner, but also his friends who are familiar with the owner, which is quite funny, but still quite embarrassing.

After being scratched comfortably, the dog's hind legs will still be paralyzed there.

So the owner is always worried about the dog this little habit can not be changed, but he did not have the heart to change the dog, because, so, indeed, is also very interesting hahaha.

But why do dogs like butt scratches so much? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind dogs' love for butt scratches.

The Reason Why Dogs Enjoy Butt Scratches

1. Relaxation and stress relief

Like humans, dogs can find physical touch and gentle scratching to be relaxing and soothing. And dogs have a higher concentration of nerve endings around their rear end, especially near the base of their tail and the area above their hips. When you scratch or pet this area, it can stimulate these nerve endings, which many dogs find pleasurable.

2. Scent glands

Dogs have anal glands located near their anus, which release a unique scent that is individual to each dog. This scent acts as a way for dogs to communicate with each other. By scratching or rubbing the area, you may be inadvertently spreading this scent, marking them as a part of their territory and social group.

3. Hard-to-reach area

While dogs are quite flexible and can reach many parts of their bodies, the rump area, especially near the base of the tail and the hips, can be challenging for them to access with their paws or tongues.

As a result, when you scratch or pet this area for them, you're providing relief to an itch they might not have been able to alleviate on their own. This can be particularly satisfying for them and contribute to the pleasure they experience from butt scratches.

4. Itchy or dry skin

Some dogs may experience dry or itchy skin around their rear end. Scratching can alleviate this discomfort and provide temporary relief from any irritation or discomfort.

When you scratch this area, the dog may involuntarily kick or lift their leg as a reflex response. It's called the dog's scratch reflex.

5. Fleas, ticks or lice

If your dog is scratching their butt frequently, it needs to be worth noting that they may have fleas or mites. Fleas and mites like to congregate in this area of the dog's body, so if you are concerned, make sure you get a thorough inspection.

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Is Dog Scratch Reflex Bad?

The dog scratch reflex, also known as the scratch reflex or the scratch response, is a natural and instinctive reaction that occurs when you scratch a certain spot on a dog's body, typically around the rump or lower back.

The scratch reflex is generally harmless and doesn't indicate any health issues or discomfort in the dog. It's merely an automatic response that some dogs exhibit when their sensitive areas are stimulated. In fact, many dogs seem to enjoy having their rump scratched, and the scratch reflex can be a sign that they find the experience pleasurable.

The Dos and Don'ts of Butt Scratches

Butt scratches, like any form of interaction with your dog, should be done with consideration for their comfort and well-being. Here are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind when giving butt scratches to your furry friend:


  • Begin with light and gentle scratches
  • Stick to scratching the rump area and the lower back
  • If your dog tenses up, pulls away, or growls, stop the butt scratching immediately
  • Set boundaries to avoid your dog commanding you to scratch your butt


  • Avoid sensitive areas (tail itself, genitals)
  • Be mindful not to scratch too hard or vigorously.
  • Avoid overdoing it

Beyond Butt Scratches: Other Forms of Canine Affection

Dogs, like humans, have various ways of expressing and receiving affection. Here are some other forms of canine affection beyond butt scratches:

  • Petting: Most dogs enjoy being petted on their head, neck, and back. 
  • Belly rubs: Many dogs love belly rubs, where you gently rub their belly while they lie on their back.
  • Ear scratches: Dogs often have sensitive ears, and gentle ear scratches or rubs can be quite pleasurable for them.
  • Cuddling: Dogs can be very affectionate and enjoy cuddling with their human family members. Snuggling together on the couch or in bed can be a bonding experience for both of you.
  • Grooming: Regular grooming sessions can be a way to show your dog that you care for their physical well-being. Brushing their coat, trimming their nails, and use ear cleaner solution to clean their ears can be a bonding experience.

Beware the Dog Scooting

When it's itchy at the top of the rump, at the base of the tail, it may just want you to scratch it for them. But when it's around the anus and scent glands. If that's where the itch is, your fur baby probably won't come asking to scratch. Instead, they'll move quickly. Scootering is a much worse behavior, not only because it leaves marks around the house, but because it means something.

Why Do Dogs Scoot Their Butts?

  1. Anal Gland Issues

  2. Presence of foreign objects

  3.  Tick/ Flea Infestation

  4. Parasite infestation

  5. Allergies

  6. Gastrointestinal Issues

Home Remedies for Dog Scooting

  • Coconut Oil for Dog Scooting

Certain natural ointments can provide relief from itchiness and discomfort associated with dog scooting. Coconut oil can be gently applied to the affected area to soothe irritated skin and reduce inflammation. These remedies offer temporary relief and can be applied sparingly as needed. However, ensure that your dog does not lick or ingest these substances.

  • Flea and Parasite Control

Fleasticks, and other parasites can irritate your dog's skin, causing them to scoot in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort. Maintaining a regular flea and parasite control regimen is crucial to preventing infestations and reducing itching. Consult your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate flea control method for your dog, considering factors such as age, size, and overall health.

  • Dietary Changes

Some dogs may benefit from dietary adjustments, especially if their scooting is related to food allergies or sensitivities. 

Probiotics-Introducing probiotics into your dog's diet can promote healthy gut flora and may help alleviate gastrointestinal issues that contribute to scooting.

Puainta™ Probiotic Supplements

Fiber supplements- Adding a source of fiber to your dog's diet, such as canned pumpkin or psyllium husk, may help regulate bowel movements and reduce the frequency of scooting.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements- For dogs experiencing itchiness caused by skin allergies, oral supplementation of fatty acids can help improve some of their symptoms. This is because itchy dogs often have a lot of inflammation in their skin. Dogs with skin allergies are also at an increased risk of anal gland impaction, as this inflammation can lead to excessive production of certain oils, making it more difficult to express the anal glands. Fatty acid supplements aid in reducing inflammation and improving the oily secretions of the skin. The best products suitable for dogs should contain omega-3 fatty acids and EPA, and should be taken daily at the maximum dosage recommended by veterinary professionals for safety.

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Why Do Female Dogs Put Their Bum On You?

When female dogs put their bum on you, it's often a behavior related to scent marking or establishing social hierarchy. Like any other behavior, putting their bum on you can also be a way for female dogs to seek attention from their owners or other people.  This behavior is more commonly observed in intact (non-spayed) female dogs, female dogs in heat or experiencing hormonal fluctuations may exhibit more scent marking behaviors, including putting their bum on people or objects.

Why Does My Dog Stick Her Bum in the Air?

When a dog sticks its bum in the air, it is often associated with a natural and instinctual behavior known as the "play bow." The play bow is a common posture that dogs display during playtime or when they want to initiate play with other dogs or humans.

The play bow is a clear and easily recognizable signal that says, "I want to play!" or "Let's have some fun together!"

Why Does My Dog Always Put His Bum Towards Me?

If your dog frequently puts his bum towards you, it could be due to a combination of natural canine behaviors and social cues. Dogs are social animals and may present their rear end to get your attention or initiate play. 


It's essential to note that not all dogs enjoy butt scratches, and preferences can vary among individual dogs. Additionally, if a dog is excessively licking or scratching their rear end, it could be a sign of an underlying skin issue or health problem, and it's important to consult a veterinarian if you have concerns about your dog's well-being.



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