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Puainta® Pipot Skin Spray for Dogs/ Cats
Mainly used for skin allergies and rashes, hair loss, for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory purpos
icon Botanical formula
icon Rapid absorption
icon Long lasting effect
icon Mild/lickable
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Puainta® Dog/ Cats Ear Cleaner Solution
Pet Ear Care Solution, Ear Cleaner, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory
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Puainta® Fipronil Spot On
Fipronil is a new insecticide that belongs to the phenylpyr-azole family, indicated for the elimination of fleas on cats and dogsand dog lice.
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Puainta is a professional brand of pet medicine for 15 years, which has been trusted by the majority of pet hospitals and pet owners for many years. Puainta has a professionally-qualified R&D team and production bases, and has always been guided by the rule, "technology for development, quality for the brand."

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